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External Senior Fellows

Prof. Dr. Lorena Bachmaier

Universidad Complutense Madrid
External Senior Fellow
Oktober 2017 - Juni 2018

International Security, Privacy and Criminal Investigation: a Human Rights Approach

Prof. Dr. Joseph Bernstein

Tel Aviv University
Algebraische Geometrie
External Senior Fellow
Juni - August 2018

Soergel's conjecture and Langlands’ correspondence for p-adic groups

Prof. Dr. Anna Buchheim

Universität Innsbruck
External Senior Fellow
Okober 2017 - Februar 2018

The role of unresolved attachment trauma in the transgenerational context of mother-infant interaction and its clinical relevance for psychotherapy

Prof. Dr. Kate Burridge

Monash University
External Senior Fellow
November 2017 - Januar 2018

From obelisks and asterisks to modern-day views about English language usage

Prof. Dr. Nancy D. Campbell

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York
External Senior Fellow (Marie S. Curie FCFP)
September - Dezember 2017; Mai - Juli 2018

Resonant Histories: Synchronization in Social Movements and Science

Prof. Dr. Mark Andrea De Cataldo

Stony Brook University
External Senior Fellow
September 2017; Mai - Juli 2018

Support and symmetries for Hitchin fibrations

Prof. Dr. Frédéric Déglise

Institut Mathématique de Bourgogne
External Senior Fellow
November 2017 - März 2018

Homotopy t-structure and a Leray-type spectral sequence

Prof. Dr. Karl-Theodor Eisele

Universität Strasbourg
External Senior Fellow
Oktober 2017 - September 2018

Linking Finance and Insurance: Theory and Applications

Prof. Dr. Philippe Eyssidieux

Université Grenoble Alpes
External Senior Fellow
März - Mai & Juli 2018

New Kähler groups

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Giuseppone

University of Strasbourg
External Senior Fellow
Oktober 2017 - September 2019

Implementation of Light-Powered Nanomachines into Polymer Bulk:  From Fundamentals of Active Matter to Functional, Life-Inspired Polymer Materials

Prof. Dr. Anne Harrington

Harvard University
External Senior Fellow (Alexander von Humboldt-Fellowship)
April - August 2018

Almost a Miracle: Narratives of Human Healing from the Medical Archive at Lourdes

Prof. Dr. Caprice Knapp

The Pennsylvania State University
Health Policy and Administration
External Senior Fellow
Alexander von Humboldt-Fellow
Mai - August 2016; Mai - August 2017; Oktober - Dezember 2018

Investigating Maternal and Child Health in Urban Areas

Prof. Dr. Evie Malaia

Purdue University
Kognitive Neurowissenschaften
External Senior Fellow
Oktober 2017 - Juli 2018

Role of visual and linguistic complexity in language development

Prof. Dr. Catherine McBride

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
External Senior Fellow
Oktober 2017 - Juli 2018

Towards a Global Understanding of Dyslexia: Cognitive-Perceptual, Cognitive-Linguistic, Socio-Cultural, and Neurobiological Aspects

Prof. Dr. Robert Murphy

Carnegie Mellon University
Computational Biology
External Senior Fellow
BMBF "e:Bio" Grant
Januar-Februar; Juni; Oktober 2017

Automated interpretation of fluorescence microscope images

Prof. Dr. Andreas Musolff

University of East Anglia
Interkulturelle Kommunikation
External Senior Fellow
September - Dezember 2017

How are national identities and emotional attachment to them expressed across different languages and cultures?

Prof. Dr. Murugappan Muthukumar

University of Massachusetts
External Senior Fellow
September, Dezember 2017; 2018 tba

Sensing of single polymer molecules with nanopores: joining the forces of theory and experiment

Prof. Dr. Johannes Nicaise

Imperial College London
External Senior Fellow
Oktober – Dezember 2017 & April 2018

Non‐archimedean Morse theory, mirror symmetry and the minimal model program

Prof. Dr. Sigrid Norris

Auckland University of Technology
External Senior Fellow
Februar - August 2018

Acquisition of multimodal synchronization

Prof. Dr. Jorge Vittoro Pereira

Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada, Rio de Janeiro
Algebraische Geometrie
External Senior Fellow
Dezember 2017 - Februar 2018

Birational Geometry of Foliations

Prof. Dr. Pascale Romby

Universität Strasbourg
Molekulare Biologie
External Senior Fellow
März 2018 - Februar 2019

MapRNA: Mapping RNA-RNA pairings in vivo in bacteria and their importance in fast acclimation processes (stress responses, virulence)

Prof. Dr. Paolo Silvestri

Universität Turin
Rechts-, Wirtschafts- und politische Philosophie
External Senior Fellow (Marie S. Curie FCFP)
Dezember 2017 - September 2018

Anthropology of Taxation. Enquiry into the Human Foundations of Fiscal Democracy

Prof. Dr. Dimitris Stamatopoulos

Universität Makedonien
External Senior Fellow
Oktober 2017 - August 2018

Orthodox Church and Civil Society in the Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Southeastern Europe (18th -20th c.)

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Tschacher

Universitätsklinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, Bern
External Senior Fellow
Januar - Juni 2018

Embodied communication and its basis in nonverbal synchrony  

Prof. Dr. Gisbert Wüstholz

ETH Zürich
External Senior Fellow
September - Dezember 2017; Frühjahr 2018

Prof. Dr. Onur Yildirim

Technische Universität des Nahen Ostens, Ankara
External Senior Fellow
Oktober 2017 - Juli 2018

The Sources of the Global Refugee Regime: Neuilly, Lausanne, and Potsdam in Historical Perspective