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Prof. Dr. Guilherme Assis de Almeida

Universität São Paulo
External Senior Fellow
Januar - Februar 2014


Born 1964, 1990 Graduation in Law Law Faculty University of São Paulo (USP);2001 – Phd in Law- Law Faculty University of São Paulo (USP); 2002 – 2006 Senior Researcher Center for the Study of Violence University of São Paulo (USP) –Brasil; (2012) President of National Association on Human Rights- Research and after graduation studies (; (2012) associate researcher of an interdisciplinary research group “Subject, Speech and Institutions” at Center for Study of Violence (; 2009-now Professor Department of General Theory and Philosophy of Law Faculty of Law/ University of São Paulo-Brasil;2007-2008 Human Rights Advisor of Interamerican Development Bank (IADB) in Brasília;2005-2006 Human Rights Advisor of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Brasília;2002-2003 International Assistant of State Secretary of Human Rights/ Brasil Federal Government ;1998-1999 Protection Officer of United Nations High Comissioner for Refugees UNHCR in Brasília


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Genealogy of Subject of Law in the International Law of Human Rights

The main goal of this research is to develop a “Genealogy of the Subject of Law in the International Law of Human Rights (ILHR)”. To realize this aim we will study three historical events. These events were selected because – as stated by Hans Joas – they form a ‘triangle’ that is the support for the value of human dignity. Joas ‘triangle’ are supported by: 1) a narrative; 2) day by day practice and 3) institutions. Dreyfus affair is a historical event that was transformed into a narrative itself. It is important to observe that was in 1898 – during the debates of the case- that Durkheim created the expression “Sacredness of the person”. The narrative offers an argument that ground the human dignity´s value. An innovative practice of human rights education illustrate how the respect of the human dignity can be transformed into a day by day practice. The preparatory works for the elaboration of the ICRRPD(2006) has a significant participation of people with disabilities.This legal instrument emphasizes that what must be transformed to guarantee rights to the persons, with concrete obstacles to exercise them, is the conditions of the society not of these people. To enable this transformation the ICRPD provides legal means that give to the persons with disabilities conditions to exercise their rights. After the analysis of these cases, we will suggest possible elements for a deeper understanding of the concept of subject of law in the field of International Law of Human Rights.