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Sunil Choudhary

Organic Chemistry
PhD student with Junior Fellow Aurelio Mateo-Alonso



Sunil Choudhary was born in Parbhani, Maharashtra (India) in 1983. He completed his BSc in March 2003. In June 2005, he graduated from the Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded (India) as a Master of Science. Then, he worked in the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune (India) as a Project Assistant for two years. In June 2009, he joined the group of Dr. Aurelio Mateo-Alonso as a PhD student in the School for Soft Matter Research at FRIAS.

FRIAS Project

2-D Supramolecular Materials

Sunil Choudhary is working on the Development of synthetic routes to access novel aromatic molecular materials that expand in two-dimensions. More importantly he aims to exploit the self-organisation properties of such molecular materials in the preparation of supramolecular assemblies with unusual properties.