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Seminar “IRTG: Soft Matter Science “

Wann 24.11.2010
von 14:15 bis 15:00
Wo Hörsaal Makromolekulare Chemie, Stefan-Meier-Str. 31, Freiburg
Teilnehmer Open to University employees
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Ioan Botiz
FRIAS, Freiburg


Processes of ordered structure formation in thin films and potential applications

We present an experimental study of structure formation in a polypeptide hetero-arm star block copolymer solution, obtained by swelling thin films in chloroform solvent vapor to variable poly(g-benzyl-L-glutamate) concentrations. Direct observation by optical microscopy allowed us to follow in real time nucleation and growth of ordered three-dimensional structures of ellipsoidal shape. The influence of various parameters like type of solvent, polymer concentration, environmental conditions, etc. on ordering process will be emphasized along with a possible model for molecular organization. At the end, applications of ordering processes in organic photovoltaics will be emphasized.