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Invited Speakers


Black Forest Focus on Soft Matter


Invited Speakers

  • Michael Bestehorn (BTU Cottbus)

Macroscopic surface structures of thin liquid films

  • Kurt Binder (U Mainz)

"Unconventional" phase transitions of single polymer chains

  • Burkhard Dünweg (MPI Mainz)

Lattice Boltzmann simulations of soft matter systems

  • Reinhold Egger (U Düsseldorf)

Iterative path integral simulation of nanoscale quantum transport

  • Rudolf Friedrich (U Münster)

Windows to Complexity: Disentangling trends and noise in complex systems

  • Peter Jung (Ohio U)

On the Physics and Physiology of Intracellular Calcium Signaling

  • Oliver Kühn (U Rostock)

Correlated Vibrational Dynamics of DNA Base Pairs

  • Uzi Landman (Georgia Tech)

DNA damage, lipid membranes, and soft junctions

  • Hartmut Löwen (U Düsseldorf)

Computational methods for colloidal dispersions

  • Philipp Maaß (U Osnabrück)

Plastic Flow of Amorphous Solids: Theory and Computer Simulation

  • Simone Melchionna (Harvard)

Multiscale methods for mesoscopic flows with application to hemodynamics

  • Lothar Mühlbacher (U Freiburg)

Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of nonequilibrium transport

  • Oliver Mülken (U Freiburg)

Quantum mechanical aspects of light-harvesting processes

  • Michael Moseler (IWM Freiburg)

Multiscale simulations of soft matter in tribological contacts: classical molecular dynamics, mesoparticledynamics und continuum models

  • Marcus Müller (U Göttingen)

Computer simulation of structure formation in thin films of diblock copolymers

  • Peter Nalbach (FRIAS, U Freiburg)

Entanglement dynamics of biomolecular excitons

  • Hans-Christian Öttinger (ETH Zurich)

Thermodynamically guided simulations of polymers

  • Stefan Raub (U Düsseldorf)

Accelerating Scientific Simulations using GPGPUs – exemplified on ISPI

  • Marco Schiro (SISSA Trieste)

Real-time Diagrammatic Monte Carlo for non- equilibrium quantum transport

  • Gerhard Stock (U Frankfurt)

Quantum-classical description of biomolecular energy flow

  • Sauro Succi (CNR-ISC)

Mesoscopic Lattice Boltzmann models of soft flowing systems

  • Michael Thoss (U Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Dynamics of electron transfer processes in molecular systems at surfaces

  • Eric Vanden-Eijnden (NYU)

A general strategy for the design of seamless multiscale methods

The above titles are preliminary.


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