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Henrik Rosenkvist: Null subjects in Övdalian – and elsewhere in Germanic

Wann 28.09.2011
von 14:15 bis 16:00
Wo FRIAS, Albertstr. 19, Großer Seminarraum
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In Övdalian, which is spoken in Dalecarlia in central Sweden, it is possible to omit 1pl and 2pl referential subjects. However, the two possible null subjects obey different syntactic principles. Null wi̢ð (’we’) can only be null in positions directly preceding the finite verb, whereas ið (’you’) is omitted from all positions. In this talk, I will introduce Övdalian and the Övdalian null subjects before proceeding to the similar types of referential null subjects in other Modern Germanic vernaculars: Bavarian, Schwabian, Zürich German, Frisian and Yiddish. A comparison with Old Germanic is also presented.