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Workshop on Constructions and variation

Wann 20.10.2008 um 08:30 bis
21.10.2008 um 18:00
Wo Albertstr. 19, Seminarraum
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Workshop on Constructions and variation

Organized at FRIAS by Jan-Ola Östman & Peter Auer

The aim of the workshop is to approach variation and variability in language from different perspectives, and in particular to look in detail at the feasibility of understanding language change and variability through reference to grammatical, interactional and discourse constructions. Put bluntly: What does it mean for grammarians and discourse analysts to say that the only thing constant about language is constant change?

The specific line of thinking for the purpose of the workshop is to bring together scholars and research findings from constructional approaches, from sociolinguistic and interactional studies, and from corpus studies (spoken and written).

The workshop seeks concrete suggestions for the direction in which constructional approaches to language have to move in order to be able to account not only for different types of regularities, but also for tendencies and for the emergence of constructions in language.



Monday, October 20, 2008

8:30      Peter Auer & Jan-Ola Östman

9:15      Martin Hilpert
Constructions in time: Modeling linguistic variation with diachronic corpus data

10:00    Dirk Geeraerts   
Taking Schuchardt into the 21st century: How systematic is the system if variation is rampant?

10:45    Coffee break

11:00    Mirjam Fried
Constructions and frames: The division of labor in capturing variation and change

11:45    Jan-Ola Östman
There are constructions, and then there are prototypical constructions

12:30    Monday session ends

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

9:00      Rolf Kailuweit
Constructions in Role and Reference Grammar

9:45     Benedikt Szmrecsanyi
Genitive variation after Early Modern English: A quantitative approach

10:30    Claus Pusch
Phrasal discourse markers as emerging constructions: Examples from French and other Romance languages

11:15    Coffee break

11:30    Raphael Berthele
Sociolinguistic perspectives on usage-basedness

12:15    Ayse Seza Dogruoz
Turkish-Dutch contact situation and the influence of Dutch on Turkish structures

13-14    Lunch

14:30    Paul Hopper
Take “take”

15:15    Stefan Pfänder
Emergent constructions in French

16:00    Jan Lindström
Verb-first constructions in Swedish: An interactional-constructional approach to functional variation

16:45    Coffee break

17:00    General discussion
Jan-Ola Östman, moderator

18:00     Workshop ends