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Vorläufiges Programm


Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS), September 28-30, 2009

September 27, 2009

7 pm: Welcome and Conference Warming (FRIAS Lounge)

September 28

9.30 am: Dorothee Birke, Michael Butter, Tilmann Köppe (Freiburg) Introduction

10.15 am: Coffee Break

Counterfactual History in Literature

10.45 am: Andreas Martin Widmann (London/Mainz) Plot vs. Story: Towards a Typology of Counterfactual Historical Novels

11.15 am: Gala Rebane (Chemnitz/Bochum) Poesis and Praxis of Possible Worlds in Historiographic Metafiction: Baudolino by Umberto Eco

11.45 am: Discussion

12.30 am: Lunch

The Cognitive Value of Counterfactual Scenarios

3.00 pm: Georg Christoph Berger-Waldenegg (Heidelberg/Vienna) “What if?”: Counterfactuality and Historiography

3.30 pm: Ned Lebow (Dartmouth, Hanover/London) Counterfactual Case Studies and Experimental Research in International Relations4.00 pm    Discussion

4.45 pm: Coffee Break

Counterfactual Thinking in the History of Science

5.15 pm: Bernhard Kleeberg (Konstanz) Retrospective Prognoses: Modeling Historical Counterfactuals

5.45 pm: Lutz Danneberg (Berlin) Use and Misuse of Counterfactuals in Certain Arguments in the History of Science: The Case of Ex-Post-In/Determinism

6.15 pm: Discussion

September 29

Counterfactuals and Cognition

9 am: Michael Brenner (Freiburg) “If Androids Dreamt of Electric Sheep”: Counterfactual Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence

9.30 am: Martin Hilpert (Freiburg) The Cognitive Linguistics of Counterfactuals

10 am: Discussion

10.45 am: Coffee Break

The Psychology of Counterfactual Thinking

11.15 am: Christoph Klauer (Freiburg) Psychological Research on Counterfactual Processing

11.45 am: Patrizia Catellani (Milan) Counterfactuals in the Social Context: The Case of Political Interviews and Their Effects

12.15 am: Discussion

1 pm: Lunch

Counterfactuality as a Narrative Strategy

3 pm: Jan Alber (Freiburg) Impossible Storyworlds: An Extreme Case of Counterfactuality

3.30 pm: Robyn Warhol-Down (Columbus, Ohio) “What Might Have Been is Not What Is”: Dickens’s Narrative Refusals

4 pm: Discussion

4.45 pm: Coffee Break

Literature as a Counterfactual Discourse

5.15 pm: Tobias Klauk (Göttingen) Thought Experiments and Literature

5.45 pm: Daniel Dohrn (Konstanz) Counterfactual Explanation in Literature and the Social Sciences

6.15 pm: Discussion

8 pm: Conference Dinner

September 30

Counterfactual Scenarios in Literature

9.30 am: Rüdiger Heinze (Braunschweig) A Sound of Thunder: Time Travel, Possible Worlds and Counterfactuality

10 am: Birte Christ (Bonn/Freiburg) “If I Were a Man”: The Counterfactual as Feminist Analytic

10.30 am: Discussion

11.15 am: Coffee Break


11.45 am: Richard Saint-Gelais (Québec) How to Do Things with Worlds: From Counterfactuality to Counterfictionality

12.15 pm: (Final) Discussion