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Quantum Dissipation Workshop at FRIAS

From July 24 to 26, 2015, FRIAS director Prof. Hermann Grabert brought together around 50 renowned scientists from diverse physics and chemistry communities to discuss the recent “Progresses and Perspectives in Quantum Dissipation”.

Next to a very vivid exchange of ideas over three subsequent days this workshop was the crowning finale of Hermann Grabert's directorship at FRIAS, who had organized the event together with the former FRIAS Junior Fellow Michael Thorwart (now professor at the University of Hamburg).

Grabert_Tagung2Among the many prominent guests were professors Amir Caldeira (Campinas) talking about new developments on the famous Caldeira-Leggett model, Ulrich Weiss (Stuttgart) demonstrating functional integral approaches for heat exchange in open quantum systems, Eli Pollak (Weizmann Institute) presenting new results for classical and quantum dissipative systems, and Fritz Haake (Essen) discussing spectral universality of quantum systems showing fully chaotic behaviour in the classical limit.

Additionally, many more former external FRIAS fellows such as Robert Alicki (Gdansk), Pep Español (Madrid), Shaul Mukamel (Irvine) and Yoshitaka Tanimura (Kyoto) did not want to miss this event and joined the workshop in Freiburg.